Institute of Physiology - Department of Physiological Genomics

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Welcome to the Institute of Physiology - Department of Physiological Genomics

 Schillerstr. 46
Institute at Schillerstr. 46, Munich

Implementing a broad range of genetic, genomic, cell biological, molecular and physiological techniques the Institiute is focused on the physiology of the nervous system.

Our aim is to improve understanding of how specific functions of the nervous systems come into being, to elucidate the electrophysiological and molecular mechanisms of aberrant function within the nervous system that lead to disease and to establish strategies targeted at repairing these aberrant functions by means of pharmacological, molecular or cell replacement interventions. During development of the nervous system, a tight balance between different neuronal subtypes and the glial cells has to be achieved. This is particularly relevant for the balance between excitatory and inhibitory neurons.