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Research Groups

  • Götz Group


    The research group of Prof. Magdalena Götz examines how distinct excitatory neurons of the cerebral cortex are generated and how they may be regenerated after injury. more

  • Grosche Group

    Repraesentation M Grosche

    The Grosche group examines how the gliotic activation pattern of retinal Müller glia can be modified aiming to develop novel treatment options for multifactorial retinal diseases such as diabetic retinopathy. more

  • Kröger Group


    The research group of Prof. Stephan Kröger examines synaptogenesis in the brain, i.e. how connections between neurons are generated, how they change under pathological conditions, and how extracellular matrix proteins influence these processes. more

  • Stricker Group


    The research aim of the Stricker lab is to investigate, which mechanisms ensure that cells do not change identity during the lifetime and how we can manipulate those to freely convert cell fates. We employ a wide range of CRISPR methods to test in vitro and in vivo, which epigenetic marks and gene activities have functional relevance in mediating cell identity or disease phenotypes in the brain. more

  • Myoga Group

    In construction more

  • Former Professors